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This was a truly incredible experience. I am a survivor of the Maui fires and had many friends tell me to go here for a healing session. It was so powerful! The whole experience is so comfortable and relaxing. During the two hour session I fell asleep and felt something unlock in a dream. So much tension was removed. It’s been 72 hours and I am still aware of the change. I had no previous experience with this system but I can’t believe how deeply it touched me. I can’t wait to go back! Thank you for being so caring and for bringing this medicine to Maui! Aloha

elle G.

I honestly can’t say enough positive things about this place. And the most powerful and worthy thing speaking of is the experience itself. Go try it!

It’s very clear that very caring and loving hearts went in to bringing this place into fruition. It’s truly for the healing of this community, who seek “alternative” and wholistic methods.

I’ve only been twice but I am experiencing great support to my nervous system and am noticing positive benefits on physical/mental/emotional and spiritual levels.

I definitely would follow with the salt bath that they recommend. It’s a vital piece.

Thank you Maui Scalar Room☀️

shelby h.

The Maui Scalar Room is a beautiful clean space, perfect for meditation and relaxation. The changes in my body, even from my very first session, were immediate. I felt many old energies and symptoms leaving my body. By about the third week of attending the center I noticed that many of my health issues I had been battling for years had significantly subsided. I also found myself sleeping better and feeling energized during the day. I was diagnosed with long Covid, chronic fatigue syndrome and high viral load. Now that my cells are recharged I feel capable and confident and have no problem accomplishing my daily tasks. This is after years of being bedridden!! What a miracle scalar energy is. I feel so blessed to have this center near my home. The Maui Scalar Team are truly angels!! Thank you so much!!

mangala ki

I can definitely feel the ripples of energy once I settle into the comfy recliners. Then when I leave I tend to feel more confident and self-assured and calm at the same time. It feels as though it raises my vibration. I have only been twice so far but I’m hoping it will help unlock my shoulder which is partly frozen right now. I do feel like I can move it further already, so I’ll check back in after more sessions.

miranda c.

When I was meditating in the EE system I had the sensation of light running through my veins. I felt like every cell in my body was being nourished. I don’t remember the last time I felt that relaxed. Even when I think I’m not stressed I always have a million things running through my mind. When I leave the system my mind is finally calm and I have an overwhelming sense of peace that everything is OK.

Rebecca K.

The immediate effect after my first EES session was how calm I felt. The constant chatter in my head seemed to have subsided. I had this feeling of calm and profound happiness, I enjoyed deeper, more relaxed sleep.

After my second session, (2 months later), The Vertigo-like dizziness that had been with me for a couple of years, started to fade. It still returns occasionally but not as long lasting as before. A lesion I had on my leg got smaller and smaller and then totally disappeared in about one month. I am excited about having an EES center opening locally so that I don’t have to travel to another city to enjoy the benefits of Scalar Energy.

Tina M.

Since going to EE System I am falling asleep much faster. I have far fewer headaches and greatly reduced joint pain. I’ve had a big reduction in swelling in my ankles and knees. My skin looks and feels better. My mood feels more calm and my mind is more clear. I am continuing to go and see more improvements.

Diana A.

At first I was a little skeptical about how this technology would work. But my condition was affecting my quality of life, including my family life, so I decided to give it a try. After the first session I noticed my nervous system was calm. My anxiety was greatly reduced and my injured knee had more range of motion. After 10 hours I could bend my knee almost completely and I could think rationally. After a few months and 60 hours I have seen miracles with my health recovery. This technology has blessed my life immensely!

Ryan K.

We’d love to hear about your experiences in the EESystem! Email your experience to support@mauiscalar.com.

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Our 16 bio-scalar energy enhancement generating units are strategically placed and aligned with exact precision directly across each other to generate health promoting energy fields. Where ever you are in the room you will receive maximum benefits. The 16 unit system is highly powerful so you will receive more results with shorter visits.

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